Why people trust us with their newborns

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Aren’t all newborn photographers the same anyway?

You've entered (or are about to enter) this whole new world of parenthood, which is simultaneously blissful and overwhelming at the same time. There's a million choices you have to make and feel the pressure to make the right decisions. You dream about capturing those snuggly, adorable images of your little one. We get it, and we've been there.

So why choose us over anyone else?

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make yourself at home

All you have to do is walk in the door with your precious two-week-old infant (yes, you’re probably also toting the necessary gear, stroller, bottles, diaper bag, etc.) and we’ll take care of the rest. Really. We promise.

We’ll set you up in a private room so you can spread out, nurse/feed, change clothes (for you or the baby) have a cup of tea, and relax before your session.

you'll have full access to our newborn styling area

Your newborn photographer will then meet with you to find out what colors you like, what style you’re going for and what goals you have for the session….and if you have NO CLUE about any of it and just want beautiful photos, that’s perfectly fine! We’ll make all of the selections for you. Our stocked newborn styling area has a variety of swaddles, props, blankets and other goodies…so you don’t need to bring a thing, unless you want to.

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let the magic happen

Now the fun begins. Your session. Just sit back (unless you’re in the photos, and we hope you are!) and relax. Speaking of being in the photos, you might not feel like you are photo-ready in your exhausted, postpartum haze…but, trust us, you’ll be happy later on that you were in them. (Plus, we hand-retouch every photo.)

Rest assured that you’re not only going to get beautiful photos, but that your most prized possession is in the best hands, as our photographers are trained extensively in newborn safety.

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our inviting play area

Maybe you’re worried about big brother or big sister running around and stressing you out during your oh-so-peaceful newborn session? Again, we get it. Let them get comfy in our play area which has toys and books and snacks. But healthy snacks! Or let them roam around the studio…really, it’s okay. Our guest concierge can keep an eye on siblings while you’re in the session and even read them a book – two of our guest concierges are/were teachers so they’re well-equipped to handle pretty much anything. So, you can actually relax and enjoy the special session with your baby.

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do what you need to do

If you need extra time during the session to feed/change diapers/change clothes, that’s perfectly fine! We plan for this, which is why our newborn sessions are two hours. Take your time. We’re here to make your experience as enjoyable (and pain-free) as possible.

want to book a session now?

And, based on feedback and reviews, it’s working. And families return to us and tell their friends about us. And ultimately, they put their trust in us.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or contact the studio at (973) 509-0792 or

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