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At Little Nest, we believe in bringing people together through photography. Our intro camera classes help you gain confidence in using your camera so you can take better pictures of the people and things you love!

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Step One: Find A Class

Come ready to have fun! In this interactive class, you will use your camera from the minute you arrive!

Step Two: What to Bring

Please make sure to bring your camera, a charged battery, and your camera manual (if possible) with you.

Step Three: Leave With Confidence

Gain a better understanding of your camera, and take advantage of Little Nest tips to practice at home.


Loved this class!

This was a fantastic introduction to photography, and I am so much more confident in using my camera now. The class was so fun and engaging! It was so helpful to have someone explain the basics and be there in person to show you what all the buttons do and what the abbreviations mean. The tips on what to focus on manually and what you can leave on auto focus were also very helpful. Thank you for all your help in teaching me how to take better photos! - Kerissa N.


Newfound skills

After years of using my camera on automatic, I am so glad to now know how to take photos using all the different aspects of what my camera is capable of. My biggest takeway was understanding what aperture numbers to use for sweeping landscapes and which ones to use for my daughter's sports games. Thank you for an awesome class! - Ashley W.

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