Q: What's the difference between a Classic Session and a Mini Session?
A: Classic Sessions are 35-40 minutes and are great for family sessions, major milestones and those looking for a variety of looks, props and outfit changes. Mini Sessions are 15-20 minute sessions for 5 people or less. We usually have one backdrop for Sessionettes.
Q: I'd like to have a family session with my extended family. Is that possible?
A: Definitely! You can have an in-studio Classic Session or an Outdoor Session. For 8 or more people there will be a $50 fee.
Q: Do I need to decide what I want to order before my ordering meeting?
A: Absolutely not. In the ordering meeting, you’ll meet with one of our portrait designers to review the images from your session and select your favorites. The portrait designer will help guide you in the decision-making process from start to finish.
Q: Can I bring props or family heirlooms for the session?
A: Absolutely! We have a variety of timeless props and accessories in our styling area, but you can certainly bring your own if you'd prefer.
Q: What types of products do you offer?
A: We offer something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for digitals, an elaborate wall art collection, or anything in between, we have various options from which to choose. Click HERE to view our Products.
Q: What should I wear for my session?
A: Above everything, you should be comfortable and feel like yourself! Neutrals always work well together, or styling a group session around one outfit is a good idea. We recommend NOT wearing neon colors, small stripes, various patterns, or all white or all black. Click HERE to view our Style Guide for additional tips.
Q: When should I expect to receive my digitals/products?
A: 2 weeks–digitals 3 weeks –studio-styled Frames, Gift Prints, Float Wraps, Canvases, Cards & Albums 4-6 weeks – Giclee, custom-framed images and Slimlines *Times quoted are post Ordering Meeting. Please inquire for rush options.
Q: Can I get my images sooner?
A: Yes. You can receive digitals within 48 hours. Our rush fee is $25 per digital. Inquire about rush times for products.
Q: What's a PhotoPOP?
A: PhotoPOPs are our styled mini-sessions offered around Valentine’s Day and Halloween. They are 5-10 minutes and have one cute, styled backdrop. The Little Nest team will choose your images for PhotoPOPs to ensure your receive them before the holiday.
Q: What's your cancellation policy?
A: Arriving late to your session by 15 minutes or more, or canceling your session less than two days prior to the session, will incur a cancellation fee of half of the cost of the session fee. Ordering meeting cancellations made less than 2 days prior to the ordering meeting will result in a charge of $25. Of course, we understand that the unexpected can happen (especially with little ones) and we work with guests to find another time to reschedule their session.
Q: We love you guys so much and want to send our family and friends. What should I do?
A: There’s truly no greater compliment! We reward everyone for referrals! If you refer a guest who books a session, you both receive 1 complimentary digital image. If you refer someone who becomes a Member, you both receive 3 complimentary digitals added to your bank. Refer 4 Members and receive 1 year of free membership!
Q: How do I book a session?
A: Easily book a session via our website at or contact the studio at (973) 509-0792.

Cake Smash

Q: What type of session should I book for my cake smash?
A: To ensure you have enough time without feeling rushed, you should book a Classic Session for your Cake Smash. You will have plenty of time for “before” cake pictures and “after” cake pictures, and can have outfit changes and multiple looks with siblings as well.
Q: Do you provide the cake for the cake smash?
A: You’ll have the option to purchase a cake from our local baker. Custom cakes are $45. If your child has allergies, we require that you bring your own cake.


Q: What's an Urban Mini Session?
A: Perfect for capturing a city vibe, our Urban Mini Sessions are taken by our favorite white brick wall, weather pending.
Q: Do you offer beach sessions?
A: Yes. We photograph at the beach at limited times in the summer.
Q: Where do you offer outdoor sessions?
A: Verona Park, Yantakaw Park, Secret Garden. We photograph at various locations, including Liberty State Park and Morgan’s Farm, for limited times during the spring months.

Hosting events at Little Nest

Q: Can I host a shower, birthday party or event at Little Nest?
A: Yes! We’d love to help you celebrate your special occasion. You’ll have private use of our studio and the flexibility of bringing (almost!) anything you’d like…food, beverages, entertainment & decorations. Of course, our photographer will capture it all! Starting at $795. Inquire for details.

Off-site events

Q: Do you photograph events off-site? (i.e. baptism at a church)
A: Yes, we photograph events and celebrations (except weddings) in the NJ/NY area. Inquire for details.


Q: How much are your headshot sessions?
A: Individual Headshots are $150 for a single look (can add/remove blazer) taken in-studio or at the brick wall and includes 1 digital. Creative Headshots are $100 for multiples looks at various locations (i.e. in-studio/outdoor) and digitals are purchased separately.
Q: My whole team needs Headshots! Can you help?
A: Yes! You have two options. Your team can have their headshots taken at their convenience. Or, your team can visit the studio together for individual headshots + one complimentary group picture. Want to make it a little more fun? Turn it into a Headshot Happy Hour and motivating team-building outing! Feel free to BYOB/refreshments.
Q: Can you come to our office instead?
A: Yes! We offer on-site headshots for a group/office. Minimum of 10 people.


Q: Do you photograph dogs?
A: Yes. We do!
Q: Do you photograph cats?
A: No, unfortunately we don't photograph cats.

Heirloom Membership

Q: What's included in my membership?
A: Members get the best value! We offer three levels of Membership: Baby Steps, Jumping Jacks, & Free Flying. Levels include a variety of sessions; Valentine's Day & Halloween PhotoPOPs; Personal online portal to access and organize images; Member-only pricing on prints, albums & wall art; Early access to promotions, discounts and holiday booking. Membership is for one year, with various options to renew. Each level includes additional perks.
Q: On which types of Sessions can I use with the membership?
A: Maternity, children, family, grandparents, pets, you name it! Outdoor Sessions (for Baby Steps) incur a $75 fee. Newborn Sessions incur a $75 fee.
Q: I've had my session, now what?
A: Within five days, you will receive watermarked copies of your images via a private online gallery (Pixieset), from which you'll select your favorites. You can expect to receive your images within 14 days after you have made your selection. If you'd like to purchase Wall Art, Prints, Albums, or gifts...wonderful! Depending on which products you'd like to purchase, you can either have an in-person (or phone) ordering meeting or you purchase select items directly via Pixieset, As always, you can contact the studio, and we will walk you through the process from start to finish.
Q: Why do you select my images from PhotoPOPs?
A: Due to the high volume of families and deadlines for retouching, PhotoPOP images are selected by our production team. We will select the best 3-4 images, based on the number of people in the session and the variety of poses/images.
Q: When should I expect to receive my digitals and products?
A: 7 days (from the time you select your images) – to receive digitals. 3 weeks – to receive basic Frames, Gift Prints, Float Wraps, Canvases, Cards & Albums. 4-6 weeks – to receive Giclee and custom-framed images and Slimlines. All products can be rushed for an additional fee.
Q: What if I want more digitals than what I've accrued?
A: No problem at all! You can purchase additional digitals at member-only pricing.
Q: Can my friend or extended family use sessions in my membership?
A: Memberships are for immediately family only...but feel free to include them in your sessions. Also, gifting the Membership to grandparents and cousins make the best gifts!
Q: When does my membership end and can I cancel before the year ends?
A: The membership is a 12 month commitment. There are no refunds paid towards a membership for any reason. If you must end a membership before the year ends, any sessions and digitals received will be transferred to retail rates. After the 12 months, you will have the option to renew your membership.
Q: This was so fun! How do I renew?
A: Inquire about our renewal options. If you renew before your Membership expires, you'll receive an added bonus!
Q: I love being a Member! How can I tell other people about Little Nest?
A: Thank you so much! We simply LOVE hearing that from our Members. Writing online reviews and spreading the word about us through social media are very much appreciated. We simply wouldn't be here without the support of our Members, and truly cherish your loyalty.


Q: At what age should my newborn be for a Newborn Session?
A: Ideally, a Newborn Session takes place between 7-14 days when baby is sleepiest, allowing for cuddly, dreamy images. The Newborn Session can take place up to one month after baby is born, but keep in mind that poses might vary based on age. Mini Newborn Sessions are for slightly older babies who are about 1-2 months old.
Q: How long are Newborn Sessions?
A: Sessions are about 2 hours long, which allows for ample time to feed/soothe/change baby.
Q: How much does a Newborn Session cost?
A: Newborn sessions are $200 for the photographer's time, talent and design consultation.
Q: Do you also photograph the family and siblings as part of the Newborn Session?
A: Yes! We want everyone to be a part of this special time!
Q: When should I book my Newborn Session?
A: If you know your due date, you are ready to book a session! We recommend booking a Newborn Session in advance…but rest assured that we’re always happy to move it to an earlier or later date, depending on when you deliver.
Q: My newborn is already a few weeks old. is it too late to have a newborn session?
A: Not at all. You can have a Newborn session up until your baby is one month old. We offer Mini Newborn Sessions for babies between 1-2 months old; poses and looks are limited. After the baby is about two-months old, we recommend booking a Classic Session.
Q: How often do you clean your blankets/swaddles?
A: Cleanliness is a TOP priority at the studio! We launder our blankets/swaddles after each session and only use organic laundry detergent.

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